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Conservatories have become prevalent place in a lot of homes and are used for a lot of different applications but rattan furniture is always the popular choice, but, does rattan fit with our modern lifestyles?

We all enjoy a vision of the way we want our house to be, just how it should look and feel, what furniture we would like, the colour scheme we choose, so we try our best to make our home a comfy and relaxing destination to live. We go to incredible lengths to attain our dream for both the inside and outside our home. We plan everything to our own tastes and also to fit together with the latest trends in home design. One trend that has gripped us all for many years along with the popularity of adding conservatories to our homes would be the usage of Rattan Conservatory Sets.


Synthetic rattan conservatory sets have become a much more popular choice due to their strengths over all-natural cane or wood or metal garden furniture. Synthetic rattan furniture is long lasting, lightweight and weatherproof so it can be used outside not forgetting in. The synthetic rattan is crafted from a resin compound made of organic materials and minerals coloured and moulded to give the appearance and feel of organic rattan. It will be woven around a welded aluminum frame to produce stylish lightweight rattan furniture set that can be used within the comfort of our conservatory or left outside to withstand the weather belonging to the weather.

By using the frames being made of welded aluminum tube it also allows manufacturers to produce a wider variety of merchandise for use as comfortable deep seating furniture for unwinding or everyday bistro sets for the patio to 6 seat dinner sets to entertain friends and family and each with modern sharp clean design lines. Synthetic rattan conservatory sets, sometimes referred to as outdoor furniture or all weather furniture is furthermore UV resistant and rust proof and brings modern style to any area it can be used.

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Rattan furniture to begin with grew to become popular in Brittan throughout the Victorian era once the Victorians deemed rattan furniture pieces sets more hygienic than upholstered furniture. Across the past few years together with the popularity of adding conservatories to the homes, rattan conservatory sets have increasingly become the preferred choice. In more recent years using the trend towards outdoor living and entertaining, synthetic rattan furniture sets appear to have been designed with additional uses in mind.

Rattan Conservatory Sets are at this moment available in various colours, textures and rattan styles from flat rattan, thin round rattan to thick rattan all giving an unusual affect around our homes. They are also designed for different uses and come with comfortable easy clean cushions.

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Natural rattan conservatory sets are built from species of climbing palm native to tropical areas of Africa and Asia. The skin belonging to the palm is stripped to be used once the weaving material while the thicker core is steamed and bent for usage as the frame. Synthetic rattan provides the feel and look of natural rattan but with the benefits of not being at risk of water or sun damage it is therefore a perfect material to be used in almost any environment and will continue for in use many years.

Synthetic rattan conservatory sets are also environmentally friendly as they are recyclable, non-toxic and odourless plus they don't require the application of chemical treatment to preserve the rattan. With today's focus on the environment while the trend to outside living and alfresco dining, modern synthetic rattan conservatory sets and dining sets are a perfect addition to virtually any home.

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Rattan remains all the rage with regards to garden furnishings in recent years, owing to its attractive natural and organic appearance, great versatility, comfort and toughness. The purpose of updating and revamping your garden areas is very useful, but shopping even for just basic furnishings can be a difficult task in the event that you don’t understand what you’re shopping for. So to guide you to select just the right outdoor rattan furniture set, here's a number of important tips.

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Make A Decision on an idea or look and feel you'll want for your outdoor spaces.

Do you want the outdoors to develop into a continuation of the inside? Have you thought about the style and design of the building? What exactly does your exterior area look like, green,flag stones or brick ETC? Your replies to those basic questions will definitely all show you how to make a decision on the most suitable theme to consider when it comes to designing your exterior spaces. Subsequently when ever possible select the most natural colouring that fits wonderfully into your garden.

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Measuring the specific obtainable space you have got.

The size, design, and look belonging to the rattan or wicker furniture you select will mostly be determined by the exact area that you have obtainable for such items back home. Given that, the absolute best strategy to guarantee the appropriate healthy and user friendliness from the couches and other pieces of furniture items you acquire is to to start with gauge the vacant area you've got for outdoor furniture. Also make it a point to take into consideration the leeway for shifting around the items, such as for instance, room for pulling out seats of rattan garden units.  

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Check the quality of the rattan furniture finish.

High standard rattan furniture should really be sleek to touch all throughout the entire furniture surface. Splits, cracks, hair-like strings dangling off, and other breaks or inconsistencies in the rattan surface will only be a getaway for deep-seated dirt, filth and moisture to collect in the material. This kind of grime could possibly mean the outdoor furniture becomes unsightly or also have further strands splitting away. Regardless precisely what the specific item of rattan furniture your looking for you should ensure the coating on the furniture is proper and complete. This will certainly guarantee you will enjoy a perfect, reliable and tight item of rattan furniture that will endure without spoiling for a very long time.

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Jump on it

Rattan furniture is always positioned inside of an location of your garden in which it fits snugly with the nearby landscaping and is an extension of all of the living areas. In the event you really want to take full advantage of making use of your personal outdoor items and create havens where you can chill or interact with wife and kids and good friends outside, then you definitely need to spend money on pieces which provide a level of comfort and ease of use. Get on all those chairs, get on those loungers really ensure that you can spend lengthy days and evenings on those home furnishings. Whenever it comes to selecting furniture, style and toughness ought to always be coupled with a level of comfort and overall performance.


Garden furniture comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, and made out of a variety of natural and artificial materials. Seeking the furniture pieces that would best suit your needs plus the outdoor environment of your home can sometimes be challenging, as you will find that the job is not the same as selecting furniture for your home interiors.

In addition to the usual furniture selection criteria such as checking for quality, design, size, and comfort, choosing outdoor furniture in particular needs you to definitely consider additional factors most notably weather resistance and durability up against the elements during a period of time. Also, the more varied landscapes and settings regarding the outdoor environment make for an excellent opportunity to get creative with the help of the furniture styles you choose, but may also stump you if you have no clue what would look best on your own gardens, footpaths, pool area, front lawn, patios, or any other outdoor areas.

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To assist you in picking out of the perfect outdoor pieces that will complete your house environment and complement the general look you're going for, the following are a good number of tips and ideas in seeking the material and designs of your own outdoor furniture.

If you want to achieve an effortlessly breezy and natural outdoorsy look through your garden pieces, choose all-weather wicker rattan furniture. Rattan is a flexible yet durable natural plant material that is valued due to its resistance to dust, water and sunlight. These qualities ensure it is the most perfect material for outdoor pieces that provide a natural look comparable to wooden furniture, but have more longevity and require minimal maintenance. Try to find woven rattan furniture pieces that have fully-welded aluminum frames, so that they remain totally rust proof after some time.

If you're living in a windy area and need furniture that can withstand being in constantly wind-blown spots, you may want to consider metal garden furniture. Wrought-iron pieces inspire a French style and tend to be perfect if the home interiors are of a similar theme. If you’re going for a more modern, eclectic style, you can even choose aluminum or stainless steel furniture which are not only rust-resistant, but also have greater staying power particularly if you expect to make use of them a whole lot. Metal furniture also require little maintenance while offering great looks and maximum longevity.

Want to channel a romantic feel in your country home garden? Aim for teak furniture pieces most notably chic table and chair sets that are ideal for very long-term outdoor use. Teak is durable and resistant to sun, frost, moisture and temperature alterations, so you can rest assured your outdoor furniture can serve your needs for a prolonged period of time. New teak has a reddish brown color, but over time it weathers to a lovely silver-grey patina.

Place chunky wooden benches at the end of a footpath in the garden to create an elegant atmosphere while allowing that you simply maximize the view of your garden. If you want benches placed against a wall, most notably in small garden areas because of the kitchen, choose smaller metal benches or chairs with intricate and graceful curves. These inspire an antique motif and are great for enjoying your afternoon tea in a quiet spot.

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There are a large number of homes these days that feature pieces of rattan furnishing. Resilient to the weather, light in weight though naturally tough, you will never get a textile more inviting or appropriate to be used in developing designer furniture for your garden.

The development of Rattan outdoor furniture began in The States in the 1840's and it has come to be more and more popular since that time. Dining sets, drink station sets and stool, sun beds and loungers are only a couple of the items that are a common occurence and constantly found in a lot of home gardens and patios. Gathering of the Rattan cane that is employed in the creation of this fashionable household furniture grows around the world in a range of different regions.

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Rattan continues to be encountered to thrive in lengths of beyond 100 meters. Approximately 70% of the globe's rattan can be discovered in Indonesia and although present in a few countries in parts, the rest of the globe's supply hails from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Is rattan the same as wicker?

Wicker is sometimes confused with rattan and vise versa and not surprisingly so, however the two are definitely not precisely the same. Wicker is in fact not really a material, wicker happens to be an historical weaving technique that incorporates the use of rattan in addition to bamboo, reed and willow or resin.

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Wicker and rattan are not precisely the same, despite the fact that the terms will often be mixed up or used interchangeably, and wicker and rattan seem to be inextricably related. Wicker is made from different types of materials, including rattan. The plant’s surface is peeled away to be used as weaving material, and the solid core is employed to produce countless types of outdoor furniture, among them rattan wicker furniture. The employment of the core in place of the skin is one main reason rattan is thought to be higher quality than wicker.

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As rattan is really so popular there happens to be rules put in place to assist preventing over harvesting what is there, these rules ensure that a minimal amount of wildlife is effected during its capture and that there is going to always be rattan growing within the wild. If you're able to imagine such is going to be the popularity and relative ease of the harvest when compared to hard wood trees and additionally the machinery used, many workers when you look at the countries where this reed grows diversified to also include rattan as part of their produce.


Cleaning Steps

Making use of rattan as a component for outdoor garden home furniture is proving to be significantly popular these days, a considerable component of the appeal of rattan furniture is its relatively ease of its maintenance and the simple fact that it is by nature one of the most climate resistant materials you will find. One other reason why rattan furniture can be located in most home gardens is simply because outdoor rattan furniture complements the natural environment gracefully, and its as a consequence a trendy selection for people who wishes their outdoor pieces to inspire a breezy, relaxed feel. If you posses outdoor furniture pieces made out of rattan, you can trust that they will be more resilient than almost every other wood pieces, but equally as with anything else, there is always still a touch of maintenance needed making sure that your furniture lasts.. Care and thought nevertheless continues to be essential to continue to keep them free of dust particles and grime, as well as to restore any fractures and splits in the material. Here are ideas rattan cleaning make your furniture pieces as good as new.

Typical Day To Day Rattan Care

This first tip will involve weekly cleaning of your rattan garden furniture. Most importantly to absolutely ensure you avoid damaging the rattan material during the cleaning process, you should absolutely ensure that you only make use of a delicate fibre cloth.  All you simply need to do is add a few drops of household washing up liquid or dishwasher detergent to a small bowl of water to form a cleaning solution. The trick here is not to wet the cloth into the water itself but only on the surface bubbles of the solution. Again only using the bubbles of the solution, take the tooth brush to address those hard to reach places of the rattan.

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Meticulously Washing

Now you know how to do a quick clean to rid the furniture of easily removable dust and grime, in addition to that, thorough cleaning should be done once every year. Why should I do this as well? I hear you ask, well this clean is now geared towards more than just getting the cobwebs off the furniture, here we are looking to remove stains, and re-seal your rattan furniture for another summer or from the winters rain using a protective coat of lacquer or shellac. You can use the same technique for mixing the cleaning solution as in routine cleaning, only this time you will need to scrub the rattan surface with a soft cloth slightly soaked in a little more water. The rattan surface will be more deeply cleaned as you should also spend a little extra time on the scrubbing here on this clean than the routine upkeep, but it will also turn out wetter than it usual. To help the rattan dry faster, make sure you do your thorough cleaning when the day is sunny, warm and dry. Alternatively, you can use a hot hair dryer to dry the rattan surface effectively.

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Being confident that the piece of furniture is fully dry, next phase is to reapply the furniture with a treatment of lacquer or shellac on the rattan surface, to seal and provide further protection to the furniture exterior to make it blissfully through the summer and then the cold, rainy winter until the following year.

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